A question I’m asked frequently is whether it’s OK for employees to utilize personal DropBox or OneDrive accounts for business interactions. It really depends on your business model. Here’s what I mean:

1 – Personal means, well – personal – The user may have registered using their business email address, but the account is under their control. They leave the company, their Dropbox account goes with them. Along with anything business related they’ve kept there. And you, as a business owner have zero control and no means to gain access to that data.

2 – Uniformity – most businesses prefer their end-users to have some level of consistency in the processes they follow, and with the IT tools they utilize. If 5 users each have a different way of saving and sharing data, it leads to confusion or even worse – inefficiency. If one user saves to Dropbox and another saves to Google Drive, and a third to OneDrive personal, how is a decision-maker to know that their company data is safe from prying eyes? Is it safe from accidental deletion, or worse – from their personal account being compromised and someone stealing it and ransoming it?

If you are intrigued by moving data to the “cloud” and wonder what it takes, then we should probably talk. You could be using some form of Office 365 right now and simply need some training or demonstrations to make better use of what you have. You can reach me directly at chopkins@moebius-tech.com. #TechResponsibly. Chris Hopkins