This has become our mantra as of late, and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is. Everyone hates dealing with the costs and hassles of security (and yet another set of passwords), yet everyone is aware that they need it. Finding a balancing point that you can live with is tricky and is something that we can discuss with you to help find a good and responsible middle-ground.
While we do our best to proactively help our clients address holes in their security, too often we find ourselves reacting to new hacks, ransomware, data loss or other threats. Following these events, we always have an internal post-mortem session on ‘what could have been done to prevent this’? Too often the answer is upgrades for our clients that have been proposed and dismissed months or years in the past, or solutions that were great when they were installed, but have seen their time.
We know that our clients depend on us to bring them solid solutions, but the reality is that we too depend on our clients to help keep us up to date on their concerns. One side effect of offering our clients flexible solutions to fit their needs is that it is sometimes difficult for us to track the status of the hundreds of networks that we have installed over the years (especially if you haven’t had any issues recently). We would like it if all our clients could ask themselves these few simple questions.
  1. Do you have ‘blank passwords? Are you still using the same password in your office that you have had for years?
  2. Does your office allow direct Remote Access to Servers or desktops without a VPN or a 3rd part solution like LogMeIn
  3. Are you still manually rotating USB backup media or have you been upgraded to a hands-off and Cloud integrated solution like our NAS drives? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please reach out to us to talk about these concerns.
Thank you and Safe Computing