The doldrums of Summer are upon us and nothing feels finer than escaping the office to hit the beach, the pool, or the grill on your deck. While you are enjoying this time out of the office, you are probably also feeling the pull of work that needs to get handled. This, of course, brings up the topic of Remote Access which in turn brings up Security.
For years a simple and direct Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) solution was sufficient for this need, just click on an icon and you were in and working. Recent threats, however, have been targeting these solutions and have caused havoc with intrusion issues. New and more secure Remote Access methodologies are called for to keep your network safe. As a result, we have implemented a policy of supporting Multi-Factor Authentication solutions only. To do this we utilize products such as LogMeIn or Sophos IPSEC and SSL- VPN connections.
If you are still using a ‘click-once-and-you-are-in’ solution to get to your office desktop or Terminal Server, please contact us to review and discuss the security of your solution.