We help all kinds of businesses. One-person shops with a single computer, to environments with redundancy to their redundancy. For the most part, smaller computer environments were prone to an isolated malware or virus. But they were generally self-triggered – the employee researching their next tattoo (yep, that happened), but fixed with a quick scan and repair.
However, times are changing. Encryption based ransomware is making every computer user a target, big or small. What matters to them is encrypting data and getting paid. By anyone – again. Big or small. So how are they enticing folks? There are a variety of methods some detailed here which include email phishing, etc. But there is a more pervasive means, where hackers are actually testing your firewalled borders to see if you are vulnerable.
If you currently have remote access from home into your office computer, it may be time to revisit the method you are using to get in. Someone else may end up finding that path and dropping something nasty on your computer or network.
It’s always a best practice to review your solutions every few years. Smaller businesses don’t always find the need to do this. But I promise you, it’s much better to review things and patch the potential holes, than to end up either hacked or infected and then reacting to that outcome.