Many of our clients use AppRiver for their different services. Yesterday morning we began seeing an email phishing attack targeting our AppRiver customers. AppRiver email and web filters were quickly updated to identify and block this attack. However, a few of our clients did receive copies of the phishing email.

The email link leads to a non-AppRiver URL that appears realistic and asks for login credentials. There is a chance one or more of their users clicked on the link and entered their login information.

That’s why we are urging our clients/users to change their passwords.

< Here’s an example of the email and the spoof page.

< The link in this email leads to a fake AppRiver login page designed to harvest user credentials.

Please note: AppRiver has updated their content filtering accordingly for this targeted attack; however, if you recognize this email and have followed the instructions from it, please contact us immediatelyat our office at 860-365-0565 or send an email tohelp@moebius-tech.comto create a service ticket, thank you.